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Decorative Uplighting – why should you bother with them?

Decorative uplighting is a simple and cost effective way to enhance the look of a dancefloor by painting walls and ceilings in light around the dancing space - a quick way of adding the instant WOW factor.

As an example, for your first dance, the lights can be set to your colour scheme to help your photographer create a fairytale first dance photo. Or as your evening guests arrive the mood is set by our uplighters in a colour of your choice.

When you think about how many uplighters you need, you should consider what you would like to light up with the uplighters. For example, you might want to highlight the pillars in the room, light up the old beams in a barn, or add drama to the draping in a marquee.

Our decorative uplighters can produce a large range of different colours and we can fit in with your chosen colour scheme. The lights are computer controlled and our wedding DJ can customise them on the day. At night, this can be changed from static so the lights will flash in time to the beat of the music, creating a really awesome effect that will really get your guests into the dancing mood.

The uplighters are placed on the floor, against the walls and the light is aimed upwards so that the wall and the ceiling are lit. Our DJ uses professional uplighters and our lights use powerful LEDs that remain cool to touch so that any inquisitive children will not burn their hands.

Enquire today about adding uplighters to your next event.

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